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Metal Arcade: Zach Kircher writes:

Despite not being as great as it could have been, Man of Steel gives a strong enough case that Superman can still hold one’s attention on the silver screen.

I will keep my thoughts brief here, for Terrence Pryor already summed up the issues of Man of Steel pretty well in his review. I happen to agree with him on some of those problems – and yes, I will get my negative feelings out of the way first. When Man of Steel makes its switch to the nonstop, spectacle-laden action side of itself in the second half, I felt that it lost a great emotional current that was present earlier on. Within that, the tone is often too serious, the character development felt stilted (even if the use of flashbacks was effective), and I felt that Goyer’s script contained many cliches that riddle superhero films – let alone blockbusters in general – these days. More specifically, the fact that nearly every time an enormous fight is going on, a villain awkwardly interjects a brief monologue.

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