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Over the years, Superman has proven himself to be one of the most difficult character to successfully translate from the panels of a comic book to the silver screen of cinema. Whilst 1978′s opening entry from Richard Donner is a cause for celebrated nostalgia among movie goers who grew up in that era, subsequent sequels rapidly declined in both critical and commercial terms, before 2006′s reboot-come-sequel Superman Returns failed to satisfy long term fans or impress a new generation being brought up on a mostly impressive slate of Marvel adaptations. Warner Bros. and DC are now pinning it all on Man Of Steel – a true reboot from Zack Snyder (’300′, ‘Watchmen’) , overseen by Christoper Nolan (‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’) – to become the critical and commercial success it needs to be to act as a launch pad for their own cinematic universe. Is Man Of Steel a symbol of hope for Superman’s future on the big screen, or should it have strived for something greater?

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LobbycastGeoff2281d ago

I didn't see the below average version. Where was this released? Haha!

Sahil2272d ago

Haha, totally disagree with the review.