Geek Grotto Reviews The Man Of Steel

Geek-Grotto: This weekend, Warner Bros. released The Man of Steel on to the masses. So in a world dominated by Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and of course Iron Man, how does this version of the titular character stand up to the might of Marvel?

In a word? Super. That’s about the best way to describe The Man of Steel. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be so cheap as to write a one-word review on something as momentous as the return of DC Comics true champion. It’s worth writing a bit more about than that. Sorry Batman, you’re our Dark Knight and we love you, but we all know Kal-El is DC’s tentpole.

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alycakes2288d ago

I enjoyed the way they introduced the movie in Krypton instead of how they always have in the past. They don't usually go into so much detail. Also the fact that his abilities weren't hidden new and refreshing...There were a lot of different details that I liked that really hadn't been done before...just little things I thought were better.

godashram2288d ago

I agree, the way the beginning was handled was great.