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5 Reasons Man Of Steel Is Dividing Viewers

Here are 5 reasons why people seem to be very divided in their reactions to Man of Steel

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RetrospectRealm3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

The URL to the article and throughout the article have "decisive" spelled wrong...

JKelloggs3518d ago

Thanks, I'll sleep tonight!

RetrospectRealm3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

You work at WeGotThisCovered?

Plus, how could someone disagree with my comment? They did spell it wrong... Lmao

JKelloggs3517d ago

Nah I don't, it was only a joke man haha :)

I didn't disagree though :)

Empire X3519d ago

I liked everything about the movie. It's a new Superman for new times. I think everyone is trying to hold on to the old one. They want him saving cats from trees and spending the first hour trying to hook up with Lois. When what happened at the end happened it did catch me off guard a bit but at the end of Super Man 2 he kind of did the same thing in a way.

Dannycr3518d ago

I completely agree. Regarding what happened at the end, there was simply no other way. This is a movie about learning, about choosing the most difficult decisions and accepting the consequences which is something that Superman is known for. It was a bit extreme, but since he is learning what it means to be Superman, I believe that scene is actually the turning point for him. I compare it with the scene when Bruce Wayne is going with the gun to kill his parent's murderer, but then stops and decides not to. That's the turning point where he understands what he needs to do and what he's prepared to do for mankind.

I found this movie to be extremely introspective and that's what I like the most. Superman is no longer the guy who's always right, never fails, doesn't need to learn any lessons, is all knowing and all powerfull. He was raised as a human and he has to deal with things the way humans do because that's the way he was raised here on earth.

socks3518d ago

You people...the movie was this bland colorless mess. No tone or feelings conveyed of any kind. One couldnt relate to Superman. No sympathy could be generated. The dialogue was awful.

The only saving grace was the insane action.

DizzyDino3518d ago

It was a GREAT movie!!!!!!!!!

ABizzel13518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I though it was a mediocre movie, with decent acting, amazing action, and amazing special effects.

I felt the movie was far too long for what they showed. They could have easily cut 30 minutes worth of content from the movie and it would have been significantly better.

The build up is snails-pace slow. It was nice to see Kyrpton envisioned in the movie although the sequence felt very Star Wars. It also made no sense how some of the characters were being portrayed given the rules of Krypton's predetermined career paths (Scientist beats up War General trained all his life in combat).

The part that brings the movie down; however, is watching Superman's journey from child, to teen, to adult in flashbacks. It's just completely pointless IMO, due to the sheer amount of screen time this part gets. To make matters worse is the fact that the sections tying the flashbacks together have absolutely NO DIALOG OR ANYTHING TO PROGRESS THE STORY. It's literally an hour of Superman on a hitchhiking / walking journey with constant flashbacks. It could have easily been cut in half and no one would have missed it. It's fine to throw in a couple of flashbacks, but there were SEVERAL and combined with the non-story progression makes the first hour and a half the low points of the movie. Worst of all the flashbacks were ALWAYS either 1 of 3 sequences.

Slight spoilers:

1. Superman saves someones life, yet somehow the people just don't have enough desire to find this boy/teen/man capable of god-like feats, and just saved their life.

2. Super-kid, uses his powers to save someone, and is lectured by his father on why he needs to keep his powers a secret and just let the people die instead of saving them (I'm not kidding)

3. Super-kid/man is bullied and provoked by some random person, but instead of thrashing them he holds it in, and breaks something (which is expected, but don't show this over and over again).

If they had done more chopping and editing of the first 30 - 40 minutes after the Krypton event then the movie would have been a solid 8/10 or 4/5.

But I have to give it a 7/10 or 3/5. It's a good movie and it's enjoyable it just doesn't compare to other movies like The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Iron Man (which was long as well, but well paced and told a story, not just random scenes with no dialog), or even Thor.

But it does action significantly better than any of them, and if you're looking for what a Superman fight should be or a Dragonball Z fight then this is it, hand down.

Deadpool6163518d ago

I agree with you on some of the points you made. The movie wasn't perfect, but it was well worth the price of admission just for the action. I really want to go give it another watch. Zack Snyder has officially become the best director for super kinect action scenes in the business.

socks3518d ago

Kinetic is the word you are looking for.

Also, calling is not perfect is putting it fucking lightly.

Thatlalala3518d ago

Agree totally. Loved the movie but I'm biased(Supes is my fav). I just want to see him beat people up now, I know all the stories....

Darrius Cole3518d ago

I thought the movie was good. But the more I think about it the more I see that it deviates from the classic Superman character. That is always bad.

The Dark Knight got Batman and even moreso, the Joker perfectly. MoS changes both Superman and Lois Lane.

Dannycr3518d ago

Not at all. If you think The Dark Knight is a good representation of Batman, then you are wrong in both accounts. I will not talk about Batman because this is not the discussion here, but Superman was portrayed as it should be. This movie was about becoming Superman, about learning, about taking the most difficult decisions and accepting the responsibilities.

Everyone expected Superman to be all-knowing, all-wise and perfect, unable to make mistakes and unable to feel guilt, anger or regret. Superman is more human than most humans, he suffers from the fact that he cannot save all of them and that pain of feeling incapable to stop some tragedies was perfectly protrayed in this movie.