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Uber Reviews: Man of Steel 2D (2013) Review

A review of the incredible, action-packed new and gritty reboot of Superman in the cinematic beauty of 2D.

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RetrospectRealm3522d ago

I don't think you had to specify it was a review of the 2D version. They're all really the same...

theuberreviews3522d ago

I did just to staple the fact I saw it in good old 2D and not gimmicky crap 3D

360ICE3521d ago

This is 2013. Even kids movies have given up on gimmicky-stuffcomesatyou-3D. It's all about wow-thataddsdepthtothepicture- 3D, now. But I like 2D too.

techtheweek3521d ago

3D is a massive waste of time. Especially when films, such as this, are made to be in 2D and are then later made 3D. Directors of 2D films are using techniques which are to make it look good as a 2D film, not 3D. SEE IT IN 2D!!!

AngryEnglish3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

This film is amazing, once the film had finished my jaw was locked open, by far there best super hero movie and in my top 5 movies of all time, Henry Cavill was just suoerb, hats off to Snyder, I really didn't think he would or could pull this off, but he did, and did so stunningly, if you have not seen this movie....GO SEE IT NOW!!!