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Idris Elba Is A 'Gunman' Alongside Sean Penn & Javier Bardem

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Idris Elba's moment of hitting a bigger platform of fame, is nearly here. Of course, TV audiences already admire the man for this work on "The Wire" and "Luther," but he's not quite a kitchen table name just yet. However, he already has one of the most memorable lines of the summer ("We are canceling the apocalypse!") in the forthcoming "Pacific Rim," and he could be in the awards season hunt leading "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom." And of course, he'll be back mixing it up in "Thor: The Dark World." So is it any surprise that his next gig is starring alongside Sean Penn and Javier Bardem?

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alycakes3520d ago

I really like him a lot. I wish I got BBC America..he's on it a lot.

alycakes3519d ago

I heard so much about that show and I'm thinking about getting the season sets rather than paying for the cable to watch it.