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Entertainment Fuse - Digital High Podcast - Game of Thrones Discussion

Entertainment Fuse writes, "This episode we take a look back at the good, bad, and Dany of season 3. The topic of race also pops up, but overall how does this season compare with the prior seasons and the books, which we vaguely talk about with no book spoilers, but of course, there are spoilers for the TV show ahead."

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deathstriker4019d ago

I disagree about Jon being boring... Sam definitely is, but Jon is cool to me.


3 Body Problem Review: Astounding Concept that Makes You Retrospect - FILMZZINE

3 Body Problem Review: In 1960s China, a woman's decision echoes in the present. When nature's laws unravel, scientists and a detective unite to stop the threat to humanity.

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Netflix’s Own Game of Thrones Is Right Under Its Nose

Every streaming service and television network wants a piece of that sweet Game of Thrones magic – Netflix included.

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Game of Thrones Prequel - HBO Considering Series | Leisurebyte

Check out what this new Game of Thrones prequel could bring into the story world and how Aegon was able to capture Westeros.

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