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Megan & David Ellison Will Each Pay 33% Of Terminator Costs; Paramount Paying The Rest

A spate of reports of movement on The Terminator franchise is a good sign that the franchise is finally starting to percolate again. I’ve learned that each Ellison – David and Megan, both scions of Oracle chief Larry Ellison – will finance 33% of the film’s budget, with Paramount finding the remaining third. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself said yesterday during an appearance in Sydney that he’s coming back and the movie will start in January. None of this is really a surprise: Back in December, Megan Ellison, who’d spent $20 million to buy The Terminator sequel rights during 2011 Cannes, partnered on the franchise with her brother David.

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alycakes3519d ago

I'm glad they are making another one but if Arni just made a cameo it would be okay...I don't think he has to be the main focus like before....he can't be the young terminator like before anyway.

ironfist923518d ago

What im thinking is, they wouldve have to have gotten the terminator human design from somewhere, so maybe Arnie is a human in the story, that was used to make the machines?

jordan84453519d ago

Good find. I didn't trust the other sources.

wannabe gamer3518d ago

If the ellisons have their money behind it then its going to happen. lets just hope the studio and director dont screw this up.

personally i liked the TV series, even if it was True Cannon it was still very cool from a longtime fans perspective.