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David Goyer Talks About a Blank Slate and a New Batman for the Justice League Movie

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The release of Man of Steel today will bring to an end years of speculation on the future of the cinematic Superman and set the rumour mill into overdrive for the next steps for the DC universe, namely the long-awaited Justice League movie.

We, along with our friends at Den of Geek, sat down with David Goyer, Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder to talk about the inception and attraction of this new vision of Superman on the big screen. Those interviews will be going up in full later today, but in the meantime David Goyer had this to say on his involvement with the Justice League movie. When told of the reports that he had signed to write the film he initially laughed it off,

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RetrospectRealm3522d ago

You guys got to talk to Goyer and you asked questions that have already been asked a thousand times. Besides him saying he didn't definitely say he signed on to pen Justice League, I already know all of this.

ironfist923520d ago

I suggest they start off slow. A Batman/Superman movie FIRST, then maybe have a cameo of Wonder Woman at the end of that film, as they are the three founding members of the JL. THEN you can have more people added as each film is made in the series. Start off with too many characters and there's little time for origin story and character development.