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The Daily Rotation - Man of Steel Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Zack Snyder‘s (Watchmen & 300) long-anticipated dark and gritty Superman reboot has finally arrived, with the help of producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy). The dust has settled and the results are in. Is Man of Steel as epic as the initial teaser has led us to believe or as emotionally satisfying as the later trailers? Kind of. Snyder visually crafts his strongest-looking film yet, while the writing fizzles out as another middling effort from David S. Goyer. Man of Steel isn’t as great as one might expect, but it’s still very good."

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windblowsagain3518d ago

I know people like to compare against the original superman films with reeve. But IMO that is a cheap way to review a film.

The original films were excellent, but it was a very different time back then 1978.

Everything seems so serious now, even comedy these days is quite dry in films, Reeve played kent better then superman in many ways, bringing him to life.

I think this is a very good review that explains the films high's and lows. Has some excellent fx with a decentish story, but as one said before. You go to get superman, and superman is what you get.