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Arnold Talks Terminator, Triplets, Conan & Predator with TAFs

TheArnoldFans: is still in Australia following our numero uno role model and today we've got big news coming out of the 21st Century Financial Education Summit seminar! Yesterday we made big internet waves when we reported that Arnold said he'd start filming Terminator 5 in early 2014 but guess what, we spoke to Arnold AGAIN! This time Schwarzenegger not only tells us he will star as the Terminator (not as a human as earlier rumored) and that T5 will start in January, he also responds to our question of which character is more dear to his heart: Conan or the Terminator!

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RetrospectRealm3460d ago

Not so siked about another Terminator...

Lord_Sloth3459d ago

I know I'm alone in this but I liked Momoa as Conan and was wanting it to continue with a bigger budget.

zlpw0ker3459d ago

you kidding right.............??????
so,your 14years old and like justin bieber?
and you also like the new bond movies right??
with daniel craig in it?

Lord_Sloth3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

No actually. I'm 28 years old, despise Justin Beiber, and think Brosnan is the best Bond ever. I didn't say I hated the older Conan films, just that I enjoyed the new 1 as well.

Don't be so offended because somebody has an opinion that isn't yours.

Also, it's "you're".

AngryEnglish3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )


So your saying skyfall isn't one of the best bonds....GTFO!

Daniel Craig owned the role if bond in Skyfall....

The fact that you think die another day is the best bond movie speaks volumes

zlpw0ker3459d ago

you kinda asked for it when you liked that douche as new conan,no man can match arnold in conan or terminator.
on the sidenote,me to hate justin beiber and I think brosnan is the best bond,especially with die another day movie.

how can you not be offended,its only 1 conan,no 1 can ever take his spot,even if 100remakes of conan is made,they are still crap against him in it.

also,I dont have english as my native language so,close enuf:p.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3459d ago

Kinda worried that Arnie will look a bit old for the role. I doubt Skynet would build "aged" lookin T-101 model terminators. Also before someone says something like "but, but... make-up???", Arnie was looking considerably older in T3, nowadays he looks like a raw piece of meat that was flung at wall. It'll take alot of make-up & CGI to make him look just about right..


Momoa was kinda meh, but to be honest so was Arnie. I'd give it to Momoa i guess, at least he can act

*flashback to watching Arnie's Jingle all the way*

Arnie: BAWT Jay meeeee, i thot U wontit dis dawl morrre den onything in de wrreould" @_@

(Rough translation: But Jaime, I thought you wanted this doll more than anything in the world. )

Wow lol I find it disturbing that Beiber was your first thought xD

TheHergulaX3459d ago

I agree with you. Arnie looks rather old for the roll yet with a good excuse, anything can work.