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David Goyer Tells Me How Man Of Steel Will “Cause” The Justice League Movie

Bleeding Cool

Time for more from David Goyer, the screenwriter of Man of Steel.

I’ve been off chatting to him this afternoon, and our discussion approached the movie from many different angles. I already shared his comments on some scenes that were deleted from Man of Steel, and I’ll be passing on more bits and pieces as the day goes on.

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badkolo3452d ago

i saw it last night, do not listen to reviews, this was one of the best super hero movies of all time. it was beyond good

RyanShutup3452d ago

Agreed! It was incredible. The fight scenes were jaw dropping and the gritty realistic characters made the movie even more enjoyable.

allgamespc20123452d ago

amazing movie. i shed tears at the music and unbelievable scenes. you dont go there for the story ppl, you go there to see superman and my fucking god, do you see superman

NewMonday3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

just came back from the movie, I would say its a great superhero film, but not one of the greatest, it was to serious for a superhero movie, this would be great for Batman but its to much for Superman.

Michael Shannon had a mean look but his ton of voice just felt off.

also the pacing felt very compressed, they tried to cram to much in one movie.

as for Lois, I think things moved to fast between them.

after all is said the action was great.

Darrius Cole3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

I just saw it myself. It was very good. But is it one of the greatest? Hmm...

It is not as good as The Dark Knight (but what super-hero movie is), or Batman Begins, but it is better than the Dark Knight Rises.
It also is not as good as Iron Man 1, but is better than Iron Man 2 & 3.
It is better than both Hulk movies.
It is better than Thor.
It is better than Captain America.
It is not quite as good as the Avengers, however, I don't believe that is a fair comparison. The Avengers is a climax movie that was set-up over several movies and didn't have the same burden of telling origins.

It is better than The Amazing Spider-Man, but not as good as Toby McGuire's Spider-Man 1 & 2. Better then Spider-Man 3.

It's better than the X-Men & Wolverine, in my opinion, although I didn't see X-Men, First Class.

It would say it is better than Keaton's Batman, and Clooney's "Batman And Robin" but about on par with Forever. Forever may have been a bit better but Nicole Kidman was hot in a way that Amy Adams is not, and that may be clouding my memory .

It's better than Superman Returns, which I actually thought was good but hopelessly broken from the moment they revealed that Lois Lane had a baby.

I loved Zod. I do think it was a tad compressed. And I do think that the Lois / Superman love affair moved much too fast. But the action was godly.

NewMonday3452d ago

comparing with all those movies is not simple, because CA and Thor were new and faced different expectations, they just had to work and they did.

Man of Steel is a reboot to a classic character not only in comics, but also in film, the Reeve films captured the imagination of a generation and endured for long.

Batman Begins faced the same with the Keton movies and prevailed as the new definition , and while MoS is a good movie in itself, it left me wanting more.

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allgamespc20123452d ago

the intro was amazing, and yes, i agree with the fact that they tried to cramp too much in suchlittle space and it moved a little fast at some points, but who cares, we just wanted to see superman in action, fuck the mushy shit, it was all bout seeing this nigga rip a hole

NewMonday3452d ago

the fights were great but he did a little to much of "saving at the last second" it stuck out.

RufustheKing3452d ago

Saw the movie have to give it 7-8/10. it starts off well but as clark/superman story begins,it keeps having flashbacks to tell bits about clark's life and the reasoning why he becomes who he is. this in my view ruins the flow of the story and the films become just ok to watch.

but as soon as General Zod shows up, the film goes up a notch every 5 minutes. The fighting is what every superman film should have had but never did and in my view saves it from being a big FAIL.

I liked it but didn't love it. but still I can't wait for man of steel 2.

possible spoiler:

watch out for the Lexcorp and Wayne enterprises easter egss in the film. got to be quick with the latter. ;)

JRH77833452d ago

My girl got some free passes from Walmart and we went last night. It was a great movie.

outsider16243452d ago

Saw the movie! Awesome! im gonna watch it again. it did feel kinda rushed but that's understandable. don't want to go through Smallville again.
But the fights?...Damn..The fights were out of this world especially the one with Faora.

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