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Ring Of Fire Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

Ring of Fire features a compelling story, solid action and admirable special effects, but is dragged down by clichés and unnecessary sub-plots.

Ring of Fire is a Reelz miniseries that aired back in March 2013, and is now available on both Blu Ray and DVD. Featuring familiar TV faces such as Terry O’ Quinn (Lost, Hawaii Five-O), Michael Vartan (Alias, Columbiana) and Lauren Lee Smith (CSI, The L Word), Ring of Fire follows a greedy oil corporation that blatantly disobeys drilling regulations in a small town, setting off what could be an “extinction level event” of volcanic eruptions. Dr. Matthew Cooper (Vartan) is the level-headed scientist who tries to warn everyone of the danger before it’s too late, Emily is an environmentalist, and Emily’s father is the mustache-twirling oil tycoon.

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