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Game of Thrones: 'Spoilers' Aren't Spoilers If The Twist Is 13 Years Old

We all hate it when that one guy who's read the books gives away major plot details of the tv adaptation you love, and nothing gets the blood boiling like Game of Thrones spoilers. They're all around us and there's nothing you can do to stop it. But can a show really be spoiled when the material it's based on is over 13 years old?

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jack_o_doyle3528d ago

Why does it matter if the story's 13 years old? The books were relatively unknown outside of fantasy fans before the show was made, and the books are huge, not everyone has the time to read them. It's not like Harry Potter, which everyone had read before the films came out, so there was no chance of the films being spoiled, or like LOTR which was so old and famous before the films were made, there was no chance of that. And besides, whether its old or new, it's no reason to ruin other people's enjoyment of a story.

Ask3527d ago


End of.

It's not a spoiler when it's been out this long.


Lord_Sloth3527d ago

It is to somebody who never played FFVII. Most people have never even heard of A Song of Ice and Fire until this series came out and many viewers are still unaware the books even exist. Not many pay attention to opening credits.

I've known of the books since shortly after season 1 but still have not read them so, yeah. When people started talking about the Red Wedding 2 months ago it was a major spoiler for me.

krazykombatant3526d ago

start comparing Harry Potter with LOTR and ASoIaF.

Like i said before, there is too many douchebag people out there, you get a year between the series, read the damn thing, books maybe be long but they are simple and straight forward reads.

Yeah the majority of people that knew this series from the beginning are the hard-core neckbeards, but it happens for every single thing out there.

peter_fyth3527d ago

Not everyone's a die hard Game of Thrones fan and is prepared to read the massive tomes which make up the book series. If people just enjoy watching it casually, can't we do it without having plot secrets from 3 series in the future spoiled for us by arseholes.

RetrospectRealm3527d ago

I see it as everything someone doesn't know happens in a story yet, and someone tells them, that's a spoiler. No matter if the story's been told a thousand times or whatever. That's like me telling you the end of The Odyssey and someone saying it wasn't a spoiler cause that story has been around since like, forever.

krazykombatant3526d ago

As if it were only to TV viewers, when i was mid way through the books I had some of the things spoiled for me, that would have had a huge impact when I got to them, there is just that many dicks in the world. Don't want to hear spoilers, get away from YouTube/douchebag friends/read the damn books.

SaffronCurse3524d ago

What a stupid article.
Take it Down.