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After Earth’s Photography Technology

Fernando Blanco of Electric Avenue Inc. Said - "After Earth, the new Sony movie starring Will Smith and son Jaden Smith, was filmed in ultrahigh definition. It is actually one of three new movies presented by Sony that is to be shown in the new and emerging 4K digital format. "

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aviator1893525d ago

too bad the movie disappointed.

peter_fyth3524d ago

They shouldn't have given the first billing to Jaden Smith. Not that I'm him personally or anything, but you shouldn't give the responsibility of a multi-million dollar blockbuster on a 14-year-old.

iliimaster3524d ago

it was a horrible decision i cant stand it honestly and i know its mean but im not the only one either i mean its cool to have that connection with ur son but to star him in this movie along side him they might as well had his daughter and then a suprise character in his wife n more family members like a whole planet of the SMITHs lol,,, really disgusting