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Game of Thrones: "Myhsa" | Den of Geek Review

Ten episodes are over. And now my watch begins.

Every year amazes at how fast a season of Game of Thrones flies. It is inspiring that they deliver ten movie quality hours of television a year over as many weeks. But that leaves another 42 of them without a single snarky witticism by Tyrion, a boastful declaration of divine right by Daenerys or a moment of pure bloodlust from little Arya. What are we to do with ourselves in the intervening time? Well, besides study the “Families of Westeros” charts like a grad student with a dissertation due in nine months…

Thus, I approached this final hour like a bottle of Dornish wine. I sipped it slowly and savored the 2013 vintage and what it means for the brand, as each and every story ended with a bow that leaves us desperate for more.

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