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Big Hero 6 Marvels First Animated Film Made By Disney:What Will We Expect

"Since Disney purchased Marvel its has been expected that Disney would do animated Marvel Comics film. Now expectation is about to make its way to the big screen. Introducing the Japanese super hero team known as Big Hero 6. For those of you unfamiliar with Big Hero 6 the series first debuted in 1998. The epic super hero team consisted of the mutant Silver Samurai who is a character that is also said to be in the upcoming movie The Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman. The Other members of Big Hero 6 are Honey Lemon a girl with nano tech based power purse, which is used to retrieve various objects. Other members include Sunfire a former X-Men who was featured in X-Men volume.1 in 1975 Sunfire has the ability to shoot plasma blasts. then finally a 13 year old boy genius named Hero and his robot Baymax. Now with a brief description like that you would think that this movie might be a pretty bad ass film. Well in this article I will give my thoughts as to what can be the best to possibly the worst outcome of this movie."

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omegared13827d ago

Miss bigelow is more dramatic and her body physique is perfect for the sophisticated sacrlet witch.the nest is kate upton and i think she will be great for that role!


The Shift review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "The Shift is not rated, but I would guess it would receive a PG or PG-13 rating. If you’re interested in a sci-fi retelling of a Biblical story, check out The Shift in theaters next month!"

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The Garfield Movie Resumes Production Chris Pratt Reveals

The upcoming Garfield Movie resumes production Chris Pratt reveals in a behind-the-scenes Instagram post this week.


Ketika Berhenti di Sini Review | Leisurebyte

Ketika Berhenti di Sini has moments of relatability and heartbreak but with stakes this low, you'd expect anyone to succeed.

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