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Will Hugh Jackman Be Replaced For More Wolverine Movies?


In The Wolverine (out July 26), Hugh Jackman’s Logan struggles with his immortality — a nasty side effect of the healing factor that allows his body to keep itself in perfect form indefinitely. Of course, Jackman himself doesn’t have any such power (though his bigger-than-your-entire-body biceps might lead you to believe otherwise). And as the actor dons the sideburns for the sixth time, fans can’t help wondering if the actor might eventually be replaced by a new face the same way Andrew Garfield stepped into Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man suit, or Henry Cavill inherited Superman’s cape.

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Crazay2736d ago

If he's not coming back, they might as well pack it in for the character for a while because Hugh Jackman is the epitome of Wolverine. There's just no one who could fill these shoes right now.

MWH2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

"..that is all" indeed.

StarWarsFan2735d ago

They'll get rid of him eventually, obviously. But I doubt quite yet. The thing about Jackman's Wolverine is his appearance/story is that of a grown adult; so I doubt they would go the route of bringing him to his teenage years, etc like with Spider-Man.

Legion2735d ago

" I doubt they would go the route of bringing him to his teenage years, etc like with Spider-Man." You make it sound like Spiderman change had him going back to his teenage years. But it was simply a reboot of the series... as the original movie had Spiderman also in his teen years with his origin.

StarWarsFan2735d ago

The point is the article mentions Jackman's age, which is why I say I don't think it's as much of an issue as with other characters for now because Wolverine has always existed on screen as we know him as a fully grown adult.

Kurylo3d2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

The age issue is that wolverine is a man who cannot age. Hugh Jackman does age. Eventually he will be forced to be recast. But then again Christopher Lambert survived as the highlander for a quite a while.

Legion2734d ago

Actually Wolverine can age... he just ages at a different rate then others. Much is not known about how he actually does age... but he obviously aged from being a child to being in his current appearance of mid-thirties?

Some have mentioned that his early growth and age was more rapid then his current state and that his current healing factor has kicked in to a much greater degree then it had in the past. A lot due to the Weapon X experiments. That were meant to enhance him even more past his original level.

Legion2735d ago

They would likely just do a role change like they did with Sabertooth in the Wolverine movies from the different X-Men actor. (which was poor)

They could do a reboot of the Wolverine Saga? Or they could simply pull off an X-Men movie where wolverine does not have as huge a role and switch out the character then?

i would say if they are going to do it... then do it during the Alpha Flight movie. We are all going to be focused on Puck and Sasquatch more then anyone.

Or during the Inhumans movie which will have us all focusing on different characters there.

Hergula2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Honestly though, I have always been baffled by people saying that Hugh Jackman is a good Wolverine, while I personally feel the exact opposite. While he definitely has done a good job, acting wise and all, I feel like the actor for Wolverine could and should be someone else, who looks the part more than he does. Not only that but even as far as Wolverine goes, they hardly ever showcase his keen sense of hearing, among other things. All of which are essential to Wolverine´s character, according to the comics at leat.

I got to say this once more, while Hugh has done a good job with the character, no movie has yet to depict Wolverine correctly or "well".

Garethvk2735d ago

Do you think they will give Dougray Scott a chance since he was the original choice for the character.

Crazay2735d ago

I read that Leiv Schreiver (sp?) was the original casting choice but due to scheduling conflicts he backed out which si why they made him Sabertooth later.

Crazay2735d ago

and now that i've looked at Dougray Scott...I say no way no how.

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