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Has The Huge DC Universe Reference In Man of Steel Been Found?


Brazilian pop culture specialists have possibly revealed the huge easter egg that will tie Man Of Steel and Justice League together.


***Confirmed by Zack Snyder

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RetrospectRealm3538d ago

Predictable. If they're gonna put a reference or easter egg to something or someone else in the DC Universe, then it'd be Batman of course.

Crazay3538d ago

For sure, it doesn't make any sense for anyone else to be referenced because most movie goers have little to no real idea of who the other characters might be.

RetrospectRealm3538d ago

Agreed. Only fans of the comics or maybe the Justice League cartoon would know or really care.

calis3538d ago

If they do a JL movie, surely it has to reference Batman's contingency plans for the other members.