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Doctor Who Season 7: Hello, Goodbye Part 1 | Den of Geek

And like a Scottish girl with her sidekick, we are left awestruck watching that blue box vanish. After an all-too short seven-week sidetrack from Gallifrey to Trenzalore (and everything in between), the Doctor has dropped us back off in the messy reality of life with but a faint promise that he will someday return. Because, as with all things in the Moffat Era, we are the audience who waited for the Raggedy Man’s rapturous return. At least this time, his feet are kind of nailed down to a date…in six months.

The seventh series, or season for we yanks on this side of the pond, marked a peculiar moment of transition and transcendence for the show. Within the natural narrative of the storytelling, we knew going in that this would be the last season that the Doctor jaunts around the universe with the Ponds. This also meant it was time for a new companion; the first change-up of Matt Smith’s tenure as the Eleventh Doctor, as well as a supposed relaunch toward the show’s more tradition...

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