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After Earth Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Ryan caught the new Will and Jaden Smith film and said that it was not as bad as he expected and is a good coming of age film. The film does have some issues but he said it is worth a look.

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aDDicteD3539d ago

i heard some online reviews stating it was just mediocre and boring on most parts, ill just get this at rental.

ironfist923539d ago

I wanted this to be good, but I shouldve known better from a Shyamallamadingdong movie

coolbeans3539d ago

Many have stated Jaden Smith simply can't handle that kind of leading part.

Garethvk3536d ago

I saw it the other day out of boredom. It is not a summer movie, not enough action to sustain it. There have been those who said like "Battlefield Earth" there is a lot of scientology behind the film, Will has been very chummy with Tom Cruise. But simply it is dull and takes some real leaps with science and evolution.