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Fast & Furious 6 Review | Nerdluster

Nerdluster Writes: I shouldn't have liked Fast 6 as much as I did. I sat there in the theater strapped to the seat as everyone cheered even when the most predictable things happened. Every action scene from the movie had already been outed by the various trailers, In fact the most popular video had been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube so I wasn't alone. Fast 6 isn't as intellectual as its predecessors (I never thought I'd say that) but it does what other ensemble movies in the genre haven't been able to. The Expendables 2 serves as a good example - they threw everyone at the problem including Bruce "Kitchen Sink" Willis and still ended up with a lifeless husk.

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Atlas Ending Explained: Is Atlas Able to Catch Harlan? What is Their Connection? | Leisurebyte

Atlas Ending Explained: We disucss all the storylines of this sci-fi movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review | Resident Entertainment

"The stunts and special effects are very well done and this makes the action sequences some of the best you may see at the cinema this year. The story helps to expand the lore of the Mad Max universe and you'll learn a lot about how the Wasteland function. Overall it's a very interesting film and I'm happy to recommend this as something to see at the cinema this weekend." - Bryan (Resident Entertainment)

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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review – Fortress of Solitude

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga brings all the noise and heavy-metal action, but it also delivers an epic story about human resilience.

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