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Clearer Look At Sebastian Stan Costumed On Set Of Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Following a grainy first look at the masked assassin, high quality photos have surfaced of James 'Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan armed & in costume on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier set!

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Crazay3537d ago

Wow...he looks really accurate to the images of the comic that I've seen. nicely done from this distance.

hazelamy3536d ago

no pictures please!
that worked. o_O

anyway, looks very much like the comic book version.
the glove on the left hand only would also imply they've kept the bionic arm he had in the comic.

Crazay3536d ago

I cracked up at the sign too..especially since it was directly facing the photographer.

ironfist923536d ago

Lol, no pictures please.

He reminds of Franco Goblin from Spidy 3