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New Man of Steel Featurette With Behind-The Scenes Footage Of Superman's Showdown With Faora


Check out a brand new featurette for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, that was released by Sears. It showcases behind-the-scenes footage of Superman's Smallville battle with Faora.

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Crazay3534d ago

If this doesn't get you totally jacked up for this movie, you probably should check into the hospital because you have no pulse.

DarkBlood3533d ago

having a pulse is for wussies :P being immortal is where its at lol

Ninjamonkey823533d ago

My pulse started beating well before this Featurette Crazay ;) If its taken you this long where have you been?.

Crazay3532d ago

HAHAH. I am so freaking excited for this movie.

jordan84453533d ago

It's ZOD that I'm looking forward to in this movie.