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15 Best Gangster Films of All Time

Chillopedia: Controversial? May be. Enthralling? Definitely. With the emergence of crime genre in the film industry, the gangster culture has become one of the most admired entities in the art of directing movies, fashion and beyond.

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aDDicteD3534d ago

well i have to say that was a good ranking of gangster films more or less accurate.

Yi-Long3533d ago

... seeing as it's completely Hollywood-orientated, while some of the very best Gangster movies have been from places like Japan, South-Korea, and Hong Kong, among many more countries.

What about City of God!? What about A Dirty Carnival or A Bittersweet Life!? What about Takashi Kitano's movies!? What about Gomorroh!? A Better Tomorrow? Layer Cake!? Full Contact? Friend? Etc etc etc...

aDDicteD3533d ago

yeah i totally forgot international films that are gangster oriented.

jdiggitty3534d ago

Casino, Heat, Millers Crossing, Snatch, The Departed, Lock, stock and two smoking barrels? 25th Hour, The Professional, Chinatown, True Romance, Blow, The Town, History of Violence? Hell, even Harlem Nights would be a better fit than Con Air and The Dark Knight.

medman3533d ago

I would add Layer Cake, Rock N Rolla, Jackie Brown, Get Carter, Lock Stock, etc. etc. I notice this list is curiously bereft of British and Russian gangster flicks, and they are among the best.