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Bernardo Bertolucci Says TV Shows Better Than Hollywood Now


When he was 12, Bernardo Bertolucci looked in a mirror and imagined himself as John Wayne. Now, at 73, he is confined to a wheelchair but is still a towering figure of Italian cinema.

Today, the Oscar-winning director is disappointed with the Hollywood that once inspired him and prefers television series such as "Mad Men", saying they are better casted and better directed than big screen productions.

Bertolucci discussed his love affair with American culture - and his disdain for what Hollywood is producing today - on Monday night when he was honored by the American Academy in Rome.

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alycakes3542d ago

Tv is getting better when it comes to drama...but it will never replace going to a good movie and getting to watch it on a big screen.

StarWarsFan3539d ago

TV has really raised the bar. I wouldn't be too harsh on Hollywood yet though.