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Transformers 4: First Look At The New & Improved Optimus Prime (Truck Form)


Optimus Prime has taken several truck forms. For the 1984 toy line he was modeled after a 1970s red Freightliner FL86 cab-over-engine triple axle semi trailer truck, but for the 2007 live-action film, he was modeled after a Peterbilt 379. Come see his new look.

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Crazay3537d ago

The truck looks amazing. They kept the essence of Prime while modernizing him just enough to look a little more streamlined and modern.

Kurylo3d3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

you say that, but when have u seen a truck look like that on the road? The design from the first movies looked like an actual truck with a cool paint job. This one is just... welll... why? Thats the only question to ask. Why? And it looks like ass to me. Is it a truck or a toddlers toy. Of course i just answered my own question. They need to change the look enough to be able to sell people new toys.

DrGonzo3536d ago looks like a friggin hotwheels toy. This series continues to be a complete joke.

StarWarsFan3534d ago

I think they should have replaced Michael Bay before tinkering with Prime's look.