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Geek Nation: Shows We Need More Of

The Man Cave Cinema writes, some shows have all the luck. Some shows have all the pain. Some shows get all the breaks. Fanboys do nothing but complain. Ok, so that's not how the song goes, but that doesn't mean there isn't some ioda of truth to those horribly-butchered lyrics. For every show like The Simpsons there's a Futurama, an Arrested Development or a Happy Endings (Why ABC, WHY?!?). Some shows go on appeasing fans for multiple seasons, while others are unceremoniously slaughtered, leaving fans wanting more. In the rare case, a series gets a second lease on life years down the road. Family Guy, Futurama (though it's been nixed again), and Veronica Mars (assuming the new movie pans out) are all prime examples.

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