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'Longmire' Season 2 Premiere: HuffPost TV Review

HuffPost TV:
On the “Longmire” Season 2 premiere, serial killer Wayne Durell escaped from prison during a transfer -- and took a bunch of other prisoners with him up the mountain.

Walt chased after them on foot -- and tracked down Durell. But the cold overtook Walt during their fight.

And HuffPost blogger Jackie K. Cooper calls “Longmire” a must-watch show. “There haven't been a lot of good westerns on TV lately and so ‘Longmire’ is a welcome addition to anyone's viewing schedule. It is raw and gritty with engrossing storylines ... You will want to schedule this series into your weekly viewing habits.”

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alycakes3537d ago

Great premiere...I enjoy this show but I'm not really sure why yet. This man just seems to play the part so well. He is just so real that I can see him really being a real Sheriff.

RetrospectRealm3537d ago

I remember watching like one episode of this show. Surprisingly, it was kind of good. Should I look into watching more? I'm not sure.

StarWarsFan3534d ago

Has anyone seen this show? Is it worth catching up on it by watching the first season?