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It's Official: 'Fast & Furious 6' Universal's Biggest Opener Ever

Fast & Furious 6's worldwide total is now $314.3M, Universal reported today, making it the studio’s biggest opening weekend for a film ever in the U.S. ($117.1), internationally ($197.3M) and globally. It led the way on the box office’s biggest Memorial Day weekend and the biggest four-day holiday ever. It will surpass all its previous franchise incarnations overseas as of today, and is the second-biggest-opening of the year pretty much everywhere behind Iron Man 3 with six more territories — including Australia/New Zealand, Japan and China — still to play.

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alycakes3539d ago

I thought it was pretty good.

calis3538d ago

Pretty impressive for the 6th instalment of a movie.

KingPin3538d ago

"is the second-biggest-opening of the year pretty much everywhere behind Iron Man 3"
i was just thinking about this. iron man 3 was in 3D, thus the tickets were more expensive. here in SA its literally double the price. R23/person non-3D, R46/person 3D.
i mean this alone would tell you that F&F has much more viewers than iron man 3. i mean its grossing nearly as much at half the price. if they made this in 3D, it would wipe the floor with IM3.

but this movie was the best action movie i've seen this year. the characters, story, stunts, over-the-top action was all done so well. i think this is the best F&F in the series. glad its doing well. just shows you can make 6 movies and still make it feel like it isnt being milked. i mean how many other movies can you think of that has 6 movies in a franchise in a space of 13/14 years.

StarWarsFan3536d ago

it's hard to believe Universal hasn't had an opening bigger than this, isn't it? With so many iconic franchises under their belt.