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Iron Man 3: Overseas Box Office Percentage Highest Among Top Superhero Movies

As reported this weekend, Iron Man 3 is now one of the five highest grossing movies of all time worldwide. Iron Man 3 ranks above all other solo superhero movies, and the film is second only to The Avengers when it comes to comic book movies.

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Sandmano3477d ago

cant beat the avengers.

aDDicteD3475d ago

it does not even deserve to be the second highest comic book film, dark knight, spiderman 2, spiderman, thor, watchmen, ironman1, incredible hulk, batman begins, x men first class, dark knight rises and x men 2 are all better films and deserve better recognition and profit.

StarWarsFan3473d ago

You would think Batman or Spider-Man would be up there instead.