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Top 25 Summer Movies of All Time

Ah. Hear that? Mysterious assortments of pigs and/or cows grilling above the charcoal; the laughter of children running through fields of green; some lone trumpeter playing “Taps” faintly in the distance.


For most Americans that means time to honor servicemen and women with trips to the beach, mountains or backyard barbecue pit. For Hollywood it means a five-car pile up at the box office (this year, the victims vying for survival are The Hangover Part III, Fast & Furious 6, Epic, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Iron Man 3).

…And for Den of Geek, it means looking back at our favorite geeky summer entertainment: going to the movies. Not just this weekend’s movies, but all summer movies. The kinds that are big on popcorn thrills, populist frills and warm night chills. This is a list about the best of those big budgets since a certain fish started stalking Martha’s Vineyard and changed moviemaking in the process (but more on him later).

So pull up your favorite lawn chair, open a cold one and let the projector flicker.

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Upstate89873537d ago

great list...summer blockbusters for the win!

coolbeans3536d ago

I'd place Inception higher than Tim Burton's Batman tbh.

StarWarsFan3533d ago

25 even seems like too short of a list. There's a great movie every summer.