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Touch of Noir: The Victimized Femme Fatale in ‘Trance'

Katherine Springer of FilmFracture:

Danny Boyle is no stranger to stylish thrillers. From 'Shallow Grave' (1994) to '28 Days Later' (2002), Boyle is a master of mystery and suspense. His latest film 'Trance' (2013) takes many cues from film noir, incorporating a conflicted anti-hero, Simon, whose principles are rattled all the more by his memory loss. The psychological neo-noir thriller deftly juggles issues of memory, dreams, and the repeated reconstruction of identity. As Simon’s memories are progressively unraveled, one plot twist after another sees the lines between truth and manipulation begin to blur. With so many questions, the biggest unknown in the film is its femme fatale, Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson). 'Trance' is the first time Boyle has put a woman at the heart of one of his films, and here, Elizabeth holds all of the film’s secrets. With every new twist, Elizabeth becomes more and more the classic, vicious femme fatale but with a surprising backstory of emotional damage and victimization.

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