16 Greatest Vampire Movies of All Time

Chillopedia: Over the years, Vampires have been the pioneer monsters of the film industry. One cannot recognize horror without the creatures of the night such as vampires. Whether people interpret the species as real or fiction, vampires have cemented their status as a dominant part of our popular culture.

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Hergula2504d ago

The Lost Boys is a cult classic, and I like the film, a lot!

aDDicteD2504d ago

i agree, i liked that film a lot when i was young and kiefer sutherland was a good cast as the leader of that vampire motorcycle gang. i watched it a year ago after a long time, i see some scenes were still ok and can stand the test of time. the twist about the father was also ok at that time.

aDDicteD2504d ago

The list is good the only problem was blade trinity having a spot on this list. That film destroyed the franchise because blade was good and blade 2 was awesome and after that it went downhill with this film.

ironfist922503d ago

How is Blade 2 listed LOWER than Blade 3, why the hell would you include twilight, and how could you not put Daybreakers in a spot?

StarWarsFan2497d ago

Bram Stoker's Dracula is the best vampire movie.