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18 New Geek US TV Shows To Excite You

It’s that time of year again, when US networks start battling it out for viewers' attention and, ultimately, affections, with a slew of new dramas and comedies. Some of them will inevitably be a little bit rubbish, but others – hopefully a few of the shows on this list – will stick around long enough to become fan favorites and cult classics. There are androids, superheroes, headless horsemen, spies and vampires to choose from, with more remakes and spin-offs than you can shake a stick at.

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TheHergulaX3547d ago

Agents of SHIELD, will be a fun show, yet I aint really sure how good it will be, but... to be honest, it does look phenomenal.

StarWarsFan3539d ago

Forget everything. SHIELD is all to watch this fall.