What's the Deal With The Wolverine's Silver Samurai?

In case you were distracted by the Xbox One reveal, Fox released the latest theatrical trailer for The Wolverine online Tuesday. This new trailer doesn't showcase a huge amount of new footage (hence why there won't be another Rewind Theater), but it did showcase more of The Silver Samurai than we've seen in the past. It seems that not only will this villain be donning a traditional set of samurai armor and weapons, but he'll have a mechanized battle-suit with which to battle the scrappy Wolverine.

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Sandmano2561d ago

He looks really cool but he IS a tad too big.

DarkBlood2561d ago

You know what they say the bigger they are the harder they fall. lol

Sandmano2561d ago

Hahaha yeah anything in Wolverines way is sure too fall.

Hergula2560d ago

I have nothing against how the Silver Samurai looks, it is a film afterall, people need to understand that.

Simon_Brezhnev2560d ago

He was always bigger. Hell i dont see people complaining about the original midget wolverine. lol

aDDicteD2559d ago

They can change it up a bit or fuse some elements but i do hope the silver samurai stay true to it's comic book character.

StarWarsFan2553d ago

He's like double the size of Wolverine. A bit much.