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Man Of Steel Star Wants Big Screen Superman Batman Team-Up


It’s the ultimate dream of superhero cinema: a franchise-splicing team-up between DC icons Batman and Superman. And Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill would love to see it happen.

“I think it would be really interesting with the age-old Batman/Superman conflict,” he tells SFX, “because they are two different sides of the same coin and their methods are entirely different. And I think it would actually make for an interesting story as to why, first of all, they were going head to head and how. I think that would make a great story.”

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TheHergulaX3542d ago

I would have nothing against seeing a Superman & Batman team-up, yet I hardly see it happening in the near future.

Also, I think that they should ACTUALLY reboot Batman movie series before doing that team-up, for obvious reasons.

StarWarsFan3534d ago

Who wouldn't want to see it? I just don't think it should happen yet.