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Jackie Chan Talks Expendables 3 and Iron Man

Jackie Chan has been talking superheroes at the Cannes Film Festival, stating that he’d like to take over from Robert Donwey Jr. in the Iron Man franchise.

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Sandmano3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Anything Jackie Chan makes is golden for me.

TheHergulaX3547d ago

Eveeeeerybody loves Jackie Chan, so do I.

andrewer3546d ago

"Iron Chan" lol yeah that would be awesome. Got tired of the current Iron Man - didn't even watch the third yet...

Sandmano3546d ago

I would defeinetly watch a Jackie Chan Iron man and yes I dont know why I never liked the Iron man movies.

steven83r3546d ago

Hell ya new Police Story.Although it will be more Drama than Action. Not sure what to make about Chan saying I don't know how to fight anymore. Maybe he meant he's too old to be jumping off buildings and fighting 12 guys at once. Either way the man is a machine!

ironfist923545d ago

Jackie Chan shouldve been the Mandarin. That wouldve been satisfying.

TwistedMetal3545d ago

yeah they should of did that because you usually dont see jackie chan as the villian and he would of been cool doing kung fu with machines lol

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