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Iron Man 3 Movie Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

A regression in the usual strong work from Marvel Studios, Iron Man 3 suffers from director Shane Black’s mishandling of this popular superhero character, with a campy tone and poor character development making for a disappointingly sub-par movie.

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TheHergulaX3548d ago

It is an enjoyable read and an understandable point of view, yet I disagree with most of it, largely because Iron Man 3 is a great film.

coolbeans3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I hold the same score for this film, but haven't seen many mediocre-grade reviews on here that I enjoyed reading; this isn't the case here. A somewhat-brief, but very to-the-point critique.

aDDicteD3548d ago

I like the thought at the end when the reviewer stated "what made them special is the work put into adapting these comic characters and their environments to the big screen" ... and yes that made this film a bit of a letdown for me.

Simon_Brezhnev3547d ago

Yeah i finally saw it and its a let down. It's definitely not a 1 billion dollar movie.