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'The Wolverine' Tops Your Summer Must List

EW: Does Hugh Jackman ever slow down? From what we can report, the answer is a definitive no way, mate. For the cover story of our annual Summer Must List issue, EW visited the actor last year on the Sydney set of The Wolverine (in theaters July 26), where Jackman jumped and leapt and charmed his way through a series of seemingly back-breaking stunts that he made look as easy as pie. That’s entertainment — and who embodies the power and pop of summer in the cinema better than Jackman?

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Sandmano3543d ago

One of my most anticipated movies.

TheHergulaX3543d ago

Cant wait to see it, yet it is does not top my "must list" list, that is if I would have one.

aDDicteD3543d ago

The wolverine is among those must see movies for sure but it doesn't tops them all because that title belongs to the Man of steel.

StarWarsFan3534d ago

I definitely want to see this because it genuinely looks entirely different from Wolverine's first outing.