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Arrow's Second Season to Feature Two Villains

Arrow's second season will be stepping up the action by featuring not just one overarching villain, but two!

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Sandmano3543d ago

Haven't watched this show yet, anybody recommend it?

DarkBlood3543d ago

i already cant wait for season 2 based on season 1, i hope that gives you an answer lol :P

TheHergulaX3542d ago

It is quite good, definitely worth the watch.

medman3542d ago

This show is so much better than I anticipated it being. One of the best new shows of this season, no doubt.

TheHergulaX3542d ago

Arrow was always an exciting TV Show, but it became completely Phenomenal when Slade Wilson was introduced.

StarWarsFan3533d ago

The show already moves pretty fast and jumps around a lot. I just hope two villains doesn't stretch the show too thin.