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Is Warner Bros. Getting Retailers Ready for ‘Justice League?’

Even before “Man of Steel” helps set up a “Justice League” movie at Warner Bros., the studio’s consumer products division is already getting consumers — especially kids and families — used to seeing the match up of the superheroes in the retail aisle.

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Sandmano3549d ago

I really hope they cast batman well and the joker should be none other than...

TheHergulaX3549d ago

Haha, that guy from Prison Break? While he did a good job there, I doub´t he has the acting skills to pull of The Joker.

Sandmano3548d ago

He would be a great Joker IMO

StarWarsFan3539d ago

I don't think they're in a good position to do it yet. Not with Superman just returning to theaters and only Batman really being on stable legs as a franchise.