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Xbox One Reveal Includes Announcement Of Live Action Halo TV Series From Steven Spielberg


There have been many exciting announcements made as a part of Microsoft's Xbox One (the follow-up to the Xbox 360) reveal, but perhaps none more so than the fact that director Steven Spielberg is bringing a live action Halo series to the small screen.

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Crazay3549d ago

Love Spielberg and think this has all the chances of being awesome. Here's hoping it has a big budget.

KingPin3549d ago

spielberg is good but his recent sci-fi movies have been a let down.

war of the worlds comes to mind.

coolbeans3549d ago

Minority Report?

Outside of those two mentioned, he hasn't been in the director's chair for many recent sci-fi movies.

aDDicteD3541d ago

Hope it turns out to be good as a tv series.