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Rik Barnett to be Cast in Prometheus 2?

Prometheus2-Movie: News on Prometheus 2 has been slow as of late. We're nearing the one year mark since Prometheus hit theaters last June and in the past month and half we've heard some concerning news, followed by some confusing news. At first we heard that Prometheus 2 was struggling to find a story, which was quickly debunked by Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof, when he personally put the rumor to rest. However, today we have some more positive news for those eager for the Prometheus sequel!

I received an email this afternoon by someone who claims to be working close to the Prometheus 2 project. This individual, who will remain anonymous, offered information on Prometheus 2's casting situation.

According to the source, Ridley Scott, who is still set to direct Prometheus 2 has apparently met many times with an English actor named Rik Barnett for an undisclosed role in Prometheus 2. The source adds that Rik's potential role could be connected to Noomi Rapace's character (E...

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aDDicteD3545d ago

i thought they could just show both films continuously one year after the other, i dont know whats taking them so long maybe the negative to neutral feedbacks from fans and critics gives them more pressure to make the second film better.

ajax173543d ago

As long as they keep it philosophical. I hope they can somehow bring back Damon Lindelof, or someone similar. Drew Goddard, maybe Alex Garland.

StarWarsFan3540d ago

I'd like to see Angelina Jolie have some major role in Prometheus 2.