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Megan Fox Holds Hands With Alan Ritchson on ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Set

Megan Fox was showing off her super toned figure on set of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ in New York City.
Spotted filming on Monday, the actress was holding hands with her co-star Alan Ritchson, who was in CGI costume for his role as Turtle ‘Raphael’.
Standing together on set in Times Square, the Transformers star looked fresh in a yellow jacket and skinny jeans.

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Sandmano3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I hope the CGI is good

TheHergulaX3544d ago

I´m actually getting excited for this film... and I got to admit, Megan Fox´ legs are looking... well... Yall know where I´m going with this.

aDDicteD3543d ago

based on the recent pics i have seen i think the film follows the trend of the original wherein april o neal and raphael are the ones who gets to meet first and would bond more compare to the other turtles. i think at least there is some hope that this film would be good. im just waiting for further pictures for the shredder.

StarWarsFan3534d ago

I hope they won't be dating in the movie. That would be awkward.