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Gerard Butler Now in Talks for Universal's The Raven

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Universal Pictures' next big sci-fi action movie, based on Ricardo de Montreuil and Antonio Perez's 2010 short film The Raven, is starting to gear up with the new announcement of a possible star.

At one point, Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) was in talks for the role but now it seems like negotiations have moved on to Scottish actor Gerard Butler, whose success with the recent action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen has made him a hot commodity in Hollywood once again.

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alycakes3551d ago

This is good...I love to see him in movies.

TheHergulaX3547d ago

I personally think that GErard Butler is both overrated and a mediocre actor at best, so for me, personally, I dont feel too interested in seeing him in any film.

StarWarsFan3541d ago

I like him in movies. I've missed him in anything great recently.