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TVF Arrow Season Finale Review: "Sacrifice"

There have been so many different ideas about what the Arrow season finale would bring. But "Sacrifice" pretty much blew them and most of the predictions about what we've been tossing around about Season 2 and kicked them out on their respective asses.

For the many stumbles that Arrow Season 1 suffered as it found its footing in the earlier episodes, it delivered one of the best freshman finales I can think of in recent years. It was simply phenomenal.

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alycakes3549d ago

This got the rating it deserves. Best finale ever! I was glued to the tv and couldn't believe half of what they revealed on this episode. Aside from what happened to Tommy the ending left us in a good place to come back to more next season. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

ironfist923549d ago

That final episode felt more like a movie than a TV show. Cant wait for season 2.

alycakes3548d ago

I know it was full of action with a really good story that could have been made into a good movie.

TheHergulaX3546d ago

It started going up-hill after Deathstroke!

StarWarsFan3540d ago

This was intense to the last seconds.