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The Hangover Part III Red Band Trailer Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane


The Hangover Part III promises to be a much different film than the last two. This time around there is no wedding, there is no bachelor party, there is no forgotten night, and there's no search for a drunkenly misplaced friend. But just because the new movie has a new plot doesn't mean that it's not still a direct sequel built on the events from the previous two entries in the franchise, so the brand new red band trailer (via JoBlo) for the movie not only tells us where we're going with The Wolf Pack - but also where we've been.

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aDDicteD3547d ago

just seeing the trailer wants me to watch hangover 1 again it was so good. part 2 was forgettable and i hope this third installment will be a rebound and a good closure for their adventure.

TheHergulaX3546d ago

Haha, that looks hilarious, can´t wait to see if it will actually be able to top the first two films.

StarWarsFan3540d ago

I really want to see how the franchise finishes.