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Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo Review | Geekenstein

"You Can (Not) Redo is a mess of a movie. It answers a few questions, but raises about a hundred more. It is consistently confusing and unhelpful to the viewer, with a massive twist and absolutely no explanation of said twist. It takes repeated viewings to even begin to make sense of the plot. This obscurity was more than likely intended, and, if so, was accomplished beautifully (we’re only privy to what Shinji knows for the most part, and he has no clue what’s going on), but that doesn’t change the fact that it makes no sense. On the plus side, however, the animations are beautifully done, with the same fluidity and attention to detail that marked its predecessors, and the film has just enough hints that an observant and imaginative viewer can put together a large amount of the story after several viewings. That’s stretching quite a bit, however. Overall, You Can (Not) Redo is worth the watch for dedicated Evangelion fans, but still pales in comparison to its predecessor movies." - Jake Petersen of

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