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Star Trek Into Darkness | GamerHub.TV Review

Space, the final frontier. Those three words alone are legendary. That single phrase evokes adventure, danger, and the exploration of strange new worlds. Star Trek: Into Darkness takes this iconic phrase to another level. This sequel to the 2009 J.J. Abrams reimagining moves the franchise along in a big way. This film is bigger and better than the previous one, and that is saying something. While the movie does not boldly go where no Star Trek plot has gone before, the nods to the original series are abundant and entertaining. Is Star Trek: Into Darkness worth the ticket price? Find out in our review!

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gamerlive3551d ago

JJ Abrams has done it twice with Star Trek, now he needs to clean up the mess George Lucas made with the last three Star Wars movies.

ohcatrina3551d ago

All of the reviews I read say it's either very good or very terrible, so thanks for the insight.